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Our Featured Projects.


Meek is the warrior - 

a series of works around insect exoskeletons their cultural meaning and their ability to be fermented and used for wound healing.

microscopic images printed large scale silk fabric

wearables with Chitosan badages for wound healing

wearables with embroidery


Exhibited at SVA in New Yor, May 2019

Insect Body, Fermentation & Care
Future Wearables for training interspecies companionship

Clothes that are inhabited by bioluminescent micro algae and mealworms.

Collaborative work with Julia Bajanova, Navina Clever, Micki Rosi Richter & Tobias Purfürst

Quotes from Donna Haraway 

Styroworm Snackbar - Eat your Plastic

In August 2015 a study published that mealworm guts contain bacteria that biodegrade Polystyrene. (1) The larvae of the Tenebrio molitor can grow and survive on a polystyrene diet alone. Yet Styrofoam is far from appetizing. Polystyrene is a petroleum-based plastic made from the styrene monomer, hazardous in its production and as waste product for the environment. Up to Yang’s study nutritional value was considered nil. Surprisingly one of the most popular foods of the future (2) - the mealworm - can transform this hazardous and superfluous waste product. The mealworm is nutrient rich - Larvae develop quickly and they convert their food into protein efficiently, at a similar rate to chicken but better than pigs and cattle. It is environmentally friendly compared to animal farming which contributes 15% to greenhouse gas emissions, the larvae do not emit methane. This project proposes a mobile mealworm snack bar - where the worms are kept in transparent units, being fed with polystyrene waste and served on styrofoam plates in a synthetical architectural setting design, produced out of Styrofoam a.o. material. It is meant to expose the ambivalence and absurdity with which we interact with our bodies and the environment, highlighting the topic from an angle of food being an interface to the world (infrastructure of society) and the body at the same time. Furthermore it is supposed to present a base for discussion about systems, techno-ecologies, circularity and deep time; keeping in mind how through digesting the mealworm who has digested an artificial product which is made out of petroleum which is a mineral oil which accrued from plants, human becomes a part of circularity. It serves as a prosthesis for sensing time and developing an elevated recognition of a subject’s position compared to the consciousness we bare of and in our every day lives.

The Active Archive

Media that occur in an oral culture void of the alphanumeric abstraction of letters.

Bioluminescent Heartbeat

Bioluminescent algae to shine to your heartbeat...

Mercury Biosensor - Lab practice for Artists

An organism bio-engineered to fluorescene in the presence of mercury...

Mein Kanal

Mein Kanal

Jetzt ansehen
Time Objects

crystals growing on electronic waste. questioning the nature-culture divide and moving towards technoecologies. (project ongoing since 2011)

Slimemold Stories

Experiments with Slimemolds and their abilities to connect electronic circuits.

Polystyrene Biodegradation Sculptures

Ongoing artistic project 'the worm is the assistant' - mealworms biodegrading and mineralizing polystyrene - transforming this artficial material into a hybrid habitat and sculptural artifacts.

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