Alternative social structures and economies practiced at the collaborative project Summer school for applied autonomy. It is as research initiative interested in the technical know how but also the social, political and affective aspects involved in autonomous living. Its functioning is largely self-sufficient tending towards environmental sustainability - Its based on feedback loops from where the different outputs - from waste to words - become inputs that feed the social and material body of the garden. It served as a site for residencies and experiencing autonomous living with a minimum duration of 1 week. It was planned and led by Valentina Karga and build by Robert Eckstein, Petja Ivanova, Mascha Fehse, Antonia Merzhäuser, Julia Boström, Veronika Hoffmann, Lilli Unger, Friederike Müller, Ivy Lee, Mischa Vogel, Terril Scott, För Künkel, Diego Chamy, Pieterjan Gandry following the marxist idea of ownership through labour.