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Meek is the warrior

My goal as an artist - in my world making - I want to find and dismantle all (cultural/mental/political) narratives that keep us stuck in a capitalist white supremacist patriarchy - i want to dismantle the stories and the logics these are based upon that uphold this dehumanising system.


Therefore I am looking at the exoskeletons of insects -  the shells, that protect them. It has inspired the concept and designs of amor. it is the wear of war.


What cutting edge medical science has discovered (or potentially recovered) is the knowledge that fermentation of insect bodies/shells produces Chitosan which is used in wound healing. The insect body attaches to the wound, the opening of our body that suggests otherness, and stops the bleeding. 


Apart from the exoskeleton serving the purpose of connection, healing and care instead of separation, protection and domination - the aspect of the wound as an interface for connection is exposed. It goes in line with vulnerability being a strength rather than a weakness and points the attention towards psychological wounds and scars.


microscopic images of damaged exoskeletons printed on silk


embroidered silk body suit

with chitosan infused
wound-healing bandages

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